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Tip 6: Find customers around every corner

Tip 6: Find Customers Around Every Corner

How: Invite every interested customer to be a part of your rewards program ? EVEN ? if they don?t buy.

Why: It is absolutely possible that a potential customer that was intrigued by an advertisement isn?t in the market to purchase today, but someone they know may be? and if their experience is a good one ? they are likely to refer your business!

Tip in Action: We keep saying your customers are your most valuable resource for getting more business but don?t forget to access the second most valuable resource? those who have had a pleasant experience with your business even if they have not bought your product or service.

Tip Success: As an example, Lear Capital, a financial company, recently used this approach and uncovered a hidden source of referrals and decided to stop being hesitant about asking everyone they spoke with to become a part of their rewards program. This approach paid off in a big way. By simply asking potential customers to join their reward program, they got referred to more new clients than all their best marketing efforts had provided to date. What originally started off as a referral program for customers only is now a tool that has helped them scale their business in yet another successful way.
August 12, 2008|Tipster: Nicole Wicks

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