Increasing Referrals & Repeat Business

Tip 5: Get customers to join your email lists

How: Ask them if they'd like to join a VIP Group that gets rewarded for successful referrals.

Why: Go green to get green. Email reduces waste. The dialog drives customer loyalty and promotes new business.

Tip in Action: It seems rather simple, yet many businesses either forget, or are hesitant to ask their customers. Reality is your customers are your most valuable resource for getting more business. Even if it is pen and paper to start, it is essential to provide your customers with a way to refer your business and get acknowledgment for referring your business.

Tip Success: As an example, Creation Orange, a business consultation group, decided to stop being hesitant about asking for referrals. Their program paid off in a big way. By simply asking current customers to join their referral program, they got referred to more new clients than all their best marketing efforts had provided to date. What originally started off as a referral program is now an affiliate program that has helped them scale their business.
July 16, 2008|Tipster: Nicole Wicks

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