Increasing Referrals & Repeat Business

Tip 1: Accelerate the natural referral process

How: Create a targeted offer that you give to your existing customers, contact base, and network that gets the people they know through your door.

Why: 90% of ALL consumers today turn to a friend, family member, or business associate before they buy a product or service.

Tip in Action: Take a look at your customers, and think on what keeps them coming back for more. What is it about your business that really is worth them telling their friends and family about your company? Knowing this is the critical step in making this work.

Tip Success: As an example, Organic Mind and Body, a health spa, offered a Free Massage. The resulting referrals from existing clients increased by over 300% adding 12% to their bottom line with minimal effort.
June 16, 2008|Tipster: Nicole Wicks

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